Doris Chua Peng White Everton

The nature of Guru Sally’s classes is fun and engaging. She would often go around the class and interact with each student, ensuring that everyone had a turn in either narrating a passage from the textbook or sharing our answers to a question. She would correct our mistakes immediately and provide a better solution, which allowed the class to learn from each other.Guru Sally displays a lot of care and patience towards her students as she would message to ask if you are doing fine should you be late or absent for a class. In addition, she would also take time off her day to respond to each student’s reply in the group chat, and point out errors if we had structured our sentences wrongly, or praise us if we had done it right.Guru Sally is also very willing to deviate from the textbook to respond to any queries we have, but would always lead us back to where we left off to make sure that we stay on track of our schedule. The course textbook was also very well-developed as our vocabulary would expand progressively and would be utilized in the following chapters to ensure that we have ample opportunities to practice and not forget about it overtime.My favorite part of the class is when Guru Sally introduces new words to us through short and simple songs which I could go on to sing for my toddler nieces and nephews! I genuinely enjoyed myself with Guru Sally’s teachings and would recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

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