A. One-to-One

One to One class

Embark on an intensive language learning journey with our one-to-one sessions, ideal for busy professionals and individuals. Dive deep into the Indonesian language with personalized attention, allowing you to focus on specific language requirements. Our courses are flexible, with content dynamically adjusted to meet your evolving learning needs, providing the utmost convenience and efficiency.

B. Public Group Class for Learning Indonesian

Join our public group classes, fostering a collaborative learning environment with as few as 4 participants and up to a maximum of 12. Immerse yourself in a supportive group setting, where you can learn Indonesian in a social and interactive manner. Find the perfect class size that suits your preference and maximises your learning experience.

indotutors class

C. In-House Training for Companies and Organisations

Corporate Course

In today’s globalized world, standing out is essential for businesses. INDOTUTORS provides tailored in-house training, focusing on your specific business needs. From public relations to design, research and development, we customize training sessions to elevate your business profile. Benefit from thorough training evaluations, special discount rates, and personalized attention that sets your team apart in the competitive landscape.

D. Special Purpose Bahasa Indonesia Courses

Discover our special purpose courses designed to meet unique language learning needs. Whether you dream of exploring the exotic Borneo or aim for a promising career in Indonesia, our specialized courses are crafted to make you proficient in Indonesian quickly. We also offer tailored solutions for individuals dealing with language barriers, such as those managing domestic helpers.

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E. Online Learning one-to-one

Online Learning

Experience the flexibility of online learning with our one-to-one sessions conducted by experienced, native-speaker language teachers wherever you are. Enjoy personalized lessons tailored to your schedule, ranging from 60 minutes to two hours per session. With rescheduling options and full technical support, our online learning platform is designed to make your Indonesian language learning journey seamless and effective.

F. Exam Preparatory Course Available

Preparing for a specific examination? INDOTUTORS offers exam preparatory courses to ensure you reach the required standard. Our courses are designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in language examinations, academic tests, or professional certifications.

Special Class
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