Henri Tan

I signed up for the Indonesian class since November 2011, and I had completed the Elementary level now already half-way through the Intermediate level. Despite the many choices of providers out there, I had chosen INDOTUTORS because of its perceived and seemingly credibility I sensed from its website which were well established and organised.Indeed, I was not wrong to have signed up with INDOTUTORS. Our tutor, Sally’s lessons had always been filled with fun and laughter which made learning the language less tedious and enjoyable amidst our tiredness from our hard day work, especially on weekday evening. Although some topics were technically challenging due to the learning of grammar, we were asked to craft sentences that helped us to better remember them. Also available were a host of resources available on the Indotutors’ website to assist students.I would definitely continue to stay with Indotutors until I ‘graduated”, and I would not hesitate to recommend INDOTUTORS to others who are interested !

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