Isabelle Lei

I decided to pick up another language while I was taking a long break in between jobs. I travel to Jakarta from time to time for work so Bahasa Indonesia is an obvious choice. But when it comes to which school or course to go to it is not so obvious. After some research on line I found IndoTutors and Sally.Unlike other places offering courses, Sally gave the whole experience a very personal touch. She was very informative and responsive to all my questions. She is about the most energetic teacher I’ve ever come across. Her class is very well blended with the language itself, the culture and the people. I couldn’t help but compare that with my experience of learning English…. With Sally, it feels like breeze!! It’s fun learning with her.So I have just finished the elementary and intermediate I back to back with Sally. I can carry on basic conversation with my friends in Jakarta and be more comfortable going out on my own. I’m trying to listen to Indonesian songs and read some short articles. And very looking forward to the next class with Sally and the classmates there!!

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