Joscelin Wong

Firstly the class is easily accessible as it is located in the central hence, location wise there is nothing to complain on. In terms of the class size, I think that a class of 10, is an appropriate size for language class. As this allows more interaction with the classmates and as well as the class with the tutor. It allows more questions to be raise with the tutor thus, allowing the class to learn more beyond the course book given. This is great as it provides lots of opportunities to learn more.In addition, the coursebook and teaching method by Sally are relatively simple to understand. Alot of times, the Tutor brings in great examples of daily life that happen in Indonesia into the class. This allows teaching to be brought in the class ‘LIVE’ in addition, for student like myself, who always need to go to Indonesia that often and interact with my customer-based there, this allows me to appreciate the teaching better as I can associate the ‘Real’ life examples of Indonesians in Indonesia well through what was being taught during classes.Learning Bahasa Indonesia honestly is not tough as what I used to thought before coming to the class. However, personal interest and alot of practise is really required to learn any language. But I must say Bahasa Indonesia is so much easier compare to other languages when the class is conducted in a very simple, and lively way, with real life examples and alot of interaction between the class and tutor. Of course, one must also put in effort to practise it daily too. I must say, Sally, the tutor, has done a good job!I would certainly recommend friends or people that I know that are interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia to this class.

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