K. Loo

I would 100% RECOMMEND THIS :)Ibu Sally is a great teacher – She makes learning a new language extremely fun. She is very charismatic and humorous, and she will patiently explain all the complex grammatically rules and vocabulary to her students. Thank you for simplifying what were initially confusing grammar rules.To make lessons fun, she utilizes AV equipment, flash cards and role-playing exercises that facilitate better retention of memory. Moreover, the exercises in the textbook are very creative and not at all like the rote learning methods other teachers use.All in all, I would recommend INDOTUTORS to anyone interested in Bahasa Indonesia. You will not regret it – a very competent teacher, comprehension textbook and even advice on how to make it the most out of your next holiday in Indonesia – what are you waiting for? Sign up now!Thank you, Ibu Sally 🙂

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