Kelvin Yue Kar Meng

The most awesome thing about learning Bahasa Indonesia from Sally is that whatever you learn in her classes stick in your head, for some strange reasons. Of course, it’s not 100% of what has been taught, but certainly way more than what you will remember from devouring pages of a language book on your own (if you have that respectable discipline in the first place). And considering that’s without doing much homework (good for busy professionals), without an Ivy League brain, and with almost negligible interaction (in the language) with native Indonesians, it’s pretty remarkable.I attribute this to Sally’s effective pedagogy and engaging teaching style. Sally’s endearing personality creates an energetic, amiable learning environment – especially important for the night classes I go to after work.She is a lovable Ibu who bonds well with her students – who are themselves interesting and friendly folks who come from all walks of life.Learning a language like Bahasa Indonesia is all about making countless mistakes, getting corrected (sometimes again and again) and learning from the mistakes made by others. It really is an interactive process. For many people, this can only take place in a fun, uninhibited environment where they would not feel embarrassed doing so. Sally creates such a safe culture in her classes. That’s really important because learning paces differ among individuals and when you make a mistake, you’ll remember it for a long time, wouldn’t you?I strongly recommend Sally and her team to everyone who wants to be proficient in Bahasa Indonesia quickly in an interesting, effective manner.

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