Lam Guan Yu

I started to learn Bahasa Indonesia at INDOTUTORS because I wanted to be able to communicate more effectively with my Indonesian musician friends. I started playing the gamelan in 2016 and had the opportunity to meet many friendly and talented friends from Indonesia. I wanted to learn more about them, their culture, and music but we had a very big language barrier. Over time, I picked up the language through casual chatting with my Indonesian friends. However, I was also aware that my grammar was not strong as I was only picking up the colloquial form of the language through my daily communications. My sessions with INDOTUTORS helped me to gain a better understanding at the culture, language and grammar. Ibu Fenny and Ibu Sally are very knowledgeable, approachable, and passionate about teaching. I enjoyed my learning experience at INDOTUTORS very much. Thank you.

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