Sean Yeo Chou Boon

I was a student in an elementary Bahasa Indonesia class of about 12 students Bu Sally conducted in 2010. I started the course with very little background in the language, but under her dedication, enthusiasm and superior teaching methodologies, I gradually gained mastery over the language over time. As a testament, I managed to achieve perfect score (100%) for the written examination. Now, I confidently rate myself as being proficient in the beautiful language, in terms of my writing and speaking abilities.One distinguishing feature about Bu Sally is that she is extremely professional and patient with her students. Although I started with very limited exposure to the language, she is very encouraging and tolerant of the mistakes new learners like me commonly make. With her experience, she was quick to spot and correct the common mistakes new students faced, and build confidence about the language in her students. Another characteristic that sets her apart is the effective pedagogical and customised approach she takes to deliver the best results in the shortest time.I will without hesitation strongly recommend Bu Sally as the linguistic trainer to those wishing to learn elementary Bahasa Indonesia, in particular, those without much background. This is definitely the place to pick up the language in the shortest time, in the most effective way, at a reasonable fee.

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