Why learn Bahasa Indonesia? 5 Compelling Reasons

Why learn Bahasa Indonesia?

Are you contemplating learning a new language? Consider Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of Indonesia. So, why learn Bahasa Indonesia? Here are five compelling reasons why learning Indonesian can be valuable and rewarding.

1. Indonesia is the 4th Largest Population in the World

Indonesia boasts a population of over 260 million people, making it the 4th most populous country globally. The national language, Bahasa Indonesia, is spoken across the archipelago, from bustling urban centres to remote villages. Given that a majority of Indonesians are monolingual, proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia opens doors to communication and connection in various contexts. Additionally, as Bahasa Indonesia shares its roots with Malay, spoken in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, the language becomes a gateway to vast opportunities in these countries. The extensive network of Indonesian speakers enhances potential business, trade, and cultural exchanges.

2. Indonesia: A Tropical Paradise with Rich Cultural Diversity

Raja Ampat

Indonesia’s geographical and cultural diversity is unparalleled. Comprising over 14,000 islands and home to more than 300 ethnic groups, it stands as the largest archipelago globally and the most diverse nation in terms of ethnicity. The country’s strategic location in Southeast Asia, reflected through its membership in ASEAN, emphasizes its regional significance. The tropical climate, abundant natural resources, and a booming economy further contribute to Indonesia’s allure. As a learner of Bahasa Indonesia, you gain access to a vibrant and multifaceted culture that extends beyond language proficiency.

3. Indonesian is Easy to Learn Compared to Other Languages

Renowned language-learning enthusiast Barry Farber, known for his proficiency in 26 languages, hails Bahasa Indonesia as the easiest language in the world. In his book, “How to Learn Any Language,” Faber recounts mastering Indonesian within eight days, a feat he attributes to the language’s simplicity. This ease of learning can be a significant motivator for language enthusiasts and those seeking a language with a gentle learning curve.

4. Indonesia: A Top-tier Tourist Destination


Indonesia’s breathtaking landscapes and diverse attractions make it a premier tourist destination. From the iconic Bali with its stunning beaches to the natural wonders of Lombok, Bunaken, Raja Ampat, and Mt. Bromo, Indonesia offers many experiences. Learning Bahasa Indonesia enhances your travel experience by facilitating communication with locals and immersing yourself more deeply in the rich cultural tapestry of this enchanting nation.

5. Indonesia’s Free Visa Policy for 169 Countries

Indonesia’s open-door policy makes it an attractive destination for travellers. With a free visa entry for citizens from 169 countries, exploring Indonesia has never been more accessible. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant cities, serene beaches, or lush landscapes, the hassle-free visa policy encourages international visitors to discover the beauty and warmth of Indonesia.

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